Conversion Shortcut: Liquid Fert Blend Analysis

In continuation of the conversion Shortcut series, this next calculator is for creating liquid fertilizer blends. I created this Shortcut to quickly and easily calculate liquid fertilizer blends and understand the total amount of nutrients applied per acre. This Shortcut’s inputs are 28-0-0, 10-34-0, 12-0-0-26S (ATS), and 0-0-25-17S (KTS). I selected these inputs because they are the most common for creating starter (2×2) fertilizer blends. Great Shortcut to use when trying to figure out what blend to use when field planning. 

Here is the iCloud link to download the Shortcut for free. Just remember to go to Settings->Shortcuts->Toggle on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” to download and add the Shortcut.

Click HERE for the video showing how the Shortcut works.

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