Conversion Shortcut: Fertilizer Calc Units to Rate/Acre

The next Shortcut is a fertilizer calculator that takes the analysis and rate per acre to calculate the total nutrients applied per acre. Up to this point, all of the nutrient conversion Shortcuts have used the most common/traditional sources in the industry. Still, just about every input supplier offers other blends that vary in analysis between companies or even locations. This Shortcut calculator considers that and calculates based on the N-P-K-S analysis entered. The categories in the Shortcut are Nitrogen, N-P-K-S (Dry), and N-P-K-S (Liquid). Nitrogen is a repeat in a previous Shortcut I shared earlier, but I thought it was appropriate to include it still. N-P-K-S (Dry) is not hard to calculate, but it is an excellent convenience. N-P-K-S (Liquid) is the most complex of the three to calculate with the numerous liquid blend options. The Shortcut takes the calculation from complex to simple for as long as you know the lbs/gal.  

Here is the iCloud link to download the Shortcut for free. Just remember to go to Settings->Shortcuts->Toggle on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” to download and add the Shortcut.

Click HERE for the video showing how the Shortcut works.

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