Conversion Shortcut: Nitrogen Conv Gal/Lbs to Units

This series of Shortcuts I created stemmed from repeated fertilizer conversions and calculations while planning, mixing, or applying.

This Shortcut calculator converts nitrogen fertilizer sources 28%, 32%, urea, and NH3 from gallons or pounds of product to Nitrogen units. The Shortcut is mainly to make the liquid conversions and calculations quick and easy. I know the urea and NH3 are easy on its own, but I figured what the heck it is easy to build them in, so might as well have all the primary nitrogen sources in one calculator.

Here is the iCloud link to download the Shortcut. Just remember to go to Settings->Shortcuts->Toggle on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” to download and add the Shortcut.

Click HERE for the video showing how the shortcut works.

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