Two years ago, Apple released iOS 12 and included an app with the update called Shortcuts, originally named Workflow before Apple purchased it. Before iOS 12, I had the Workflow app on my phone with the hopes of using it one day but never really did until Apple included it in iOS 12. Fast forward to the release of iOS 14, Shortcuts became more powerful with more app integrations, better automation, folder support, and the ever so anticipated widget feature. The Shortcut app has become more useful and convenient to use, leading to popularity with the iOS 14 update.

Historically Ag apps have been terrible, lousy UI/UX, lack of support, lack of updates, limited functionality, etc. For these reasons, I look at consumer or power user apps and integrate them into an Ag-based use case or workflow. These typically have good UI/UX, support, features, and integrations; basically, everything Ag apps don’t have for the most part. Between the integration and customization power of the Shortcuts app, it fits into an ag-based workflow.

When I was the Agronomy manager for a farm in my last job, as any agronomist knows, you perform various conversions and calculations for planning, mixing, and pricing. Some of the first shortcuts I created were calculators for fertilizer conversions and nutrient unit cost breakdowns. I’ll post these shortcuts in the coming days, for these will be handy in the planning and purchasing process that happens over the winter months. The neat thing about shortcuts is they are sharable and downloadable by anyone using an iOS device. One setting needs turned on first before you can download a shortcut, and it’s turned off by default for protection against potential malware. Go to Settings->Shortcuts->Toggle on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.”

Stay tuned.


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