The Past

Why do we get so caught up in the past? or even the last 5-10 years? Particularly in agriculture, we romanticise about the past or how “we have always done it this way” probably more than most of the other industries. This stems from farms being in families for many generations, which is awesome and we should be proud of that. Ag is unique in that way but let’s just cherish the past and the present and not let it blind us of the future. This goes for Agriculture Universities as well, there are some great studies and info that gets put out but for the most part, it is stagnant and they are not challenging what we know today as “textbook agronomy”. Everything evolves over time and being proud or romantic about the past or today blinds us from looking to the future and evolving. When things work we get comfortable and its very uncomfortable when we think about doing things differently because of the unknown and uncertainty. This leads to the adoption rate in Ag to be very slow and that doesn’t get companies excited about putting money into new product development or R&D which in return slows the innovation rate. You have heard it over and over again that a farmer only has 40 seasons to plant a crop but you can try more than one new thing a season to see what will fit and stick on your farm. Having a big network to be able to leverage it to find out what is working or not working in other parts of the country will also help weed through what to try on your operation. What if 4-5 years ago, when farms were already making really good money with a standard practice, we tried something completely new or different that made more ROI and would put us in the black today? Don’t romanticize about today or the past so much where it blinds you of the future.

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